Northwestern students, employees help during Ranger Relief Day


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“When we issued the call, Northwestern took action. I think it’s great.”

These words were spoken by Northwestern President Dr. Janet Cunningham.

 A group of Northwestern students and faculty arrived in Woodward last Friday morning to join the community in sifting through debris on what is left of 34th street.

Northwestern Service Learning Director, Ashton Ghaemi, declared that the university would offer transportation for any volunteer from the Northwestern community to assist with the cleanup process just 22 hours from when the event would take place.

 There was both a morning and evening session scheduled, which resulted to over 80 volunteers carrying  trash bags and wearing work gloves to represent Northwestern.

Throughout the day, volunteers discovered numerous pieces of personal belongings from the homes destroyed just blocks away from the scene.  Everything from mail to even a beloved wedding dress was presented to tornado victims within the area.

Northwestern student Shelby McVicker was born and raised in the Woodward community.

“I wanted to come out here and make a difference because I know if my house would have been destroyed, the community as well as the people I go to school with would have been done the same for me,” said McVicker.

“It really shows the caliber of students and staff we have at Northwestern, said Ghaemi, “I’m just really proud.”

Woodward County Commissioner Vernie Matt is hoping to keep the community involved and encourages people to volunteer their time to rebuild destructed homes and businesses. Organizations such as Joseph’s Coat is accepting clothing donations, and the Red Cross is also accepting food donations to disperse accordingly.


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